Onsite Training

Imparting the Knowledge

The SAFER Solution team will travel to your location and provide “hands-on” training for the prevention, mitigation and recovery from active shooter incidents. We will help you Sense and Assess potential and imminent threats, Formulate plans to address these threats, Eliminate immediate threats and Recover from life threatening injuries of violent attacks. Our team members are subject matter experts from various fields that deal with risk mitigation from acts of violence and we are passionate about making our clients SAFER.

3 Options for Onsite Training

1-Day Onsite Training Package

8 hours Total (No Prior E-learning Course required)
Training session broken into 2-hour modules with breaks and lunch

2-DAY Onsite Training Package

4 hours each day, 8 hours Total (Same Material as Option #1)
Training sessions broken into 2-hour modules with breaks and lunch

2-Hour Block (multiples if required)

* Practical Drilling and E-learning Review/Reinforcement – Medical
This presentation option is only available to students that have completed
The SAFER Solution E-learning Course