The SAFER Solution Team develops and delivers effective training and support that will make your enterprise SAFER by empowering members of your organization to prevent, eliminate and prevail against conflict and violent threats in the workplace.

We have years of practical, real-world experience in countering, reacting to and recovering from a variety of threats faced by business owners, employees, professional security, law enforcement officers and military personnel.

Knowing where you are going and planning accordingly are the first steps of any successful journey.   Attempting to navigate without any of the proper tools or training is a fool’s errand.

Safeguard your Employees and Your Business

“By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to Fail!”

~ Benjamin Franklin

If an Active Shooter Suspect Walked into your Workplace Today:

  • Do you know how you and your staff would react?

  • Would you and your employees  be ready to respond effectively?

  • Have you planned, trained and evaluated your response in any sort of drilling format?

  • Are you aware of what recommendations come from law enforcement and security professionals?

  • Does your company have the necessary, available basic medical training and pre-staged devices to save lives before first responders arrive on-scene?

We understand that Decision-makers must safeguard their employees and their business infrastructure in a cost-effective, timely manner.
The SAFER Solution provides you with an easy to deploy, online solution that will walk your valued employees through the necessary steps to prepare for the worst.
Our program will provide you effective training for an active shooter event in three important phases: prevention, engagement and recovery

Get the Required Training to Address this Reality!

We provide comprehensive Onsite Training and Deliver meaningful Online Curriculum’s directly to your Employees.

Contact us today to get started on a plan for your enterprise.

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It may Save your Life and the Life of Others