Virginia Beach Oceanfront Shooting

It happens quickly and the results can be fatal.

Are you ready to administer potentially life-saving medical assistance to yourself and others after the shooting has stopped?

We can provide you with the skills and tools to enhance your everyday capabilities in this regard.

Learn directly from a US Army, Special Forces medic who has been-there, done-that. A small investment of your time can make critical difference.

The SAFER Solution Team

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Recent Active Shooter Incidents

In the previous blog post, we had predicted that as COVID restrictions were lifted, we would see the return and rise of active shooters. Tragically in the past 7 days, 8 people were killed in Atlanta, GA and 10 more people were killed in Boulder, CO.  It is incumbent upon you to properly prepare your business for such events. You must raise your awareness levels, learn what you and your employees can do to recognize the pre-incident indicators, and obtain specific, focused training in this area to mitigate the risk factors.

Colorado Shooting:

Atlanta Shooting:


The Training Staff @ the SAFER Solution

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The Importance of Practice

To be good at most things you need to practice and surviving a violent attack is no different. Let’s start with the safest way to avoid violence, by increasing your situational awareness to avoid it.   Your first step is to think about what is distracting you from what is going on around you; if you are like most people out there, your biggest distraction is your cell phone.  The next time you are out in public, eating at a restaurant or at work, place your cell phone face down and observe who and what is going on in your immediate environment, where are the exits and what obstacles prevent you from making a fast escape if necessary.   It may be difficult to control the urge to not look at your phone for 15 minutes but this exercise is designed to increase your situational awareness and with practice it will make you more confident in your environment.

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