Active Shooters in a Post-Pandemic World

2020 and Covid 19 has brought us hardship in many forms but it has also given us a break in active shooter incidents, will this break in the violence continue in the post pandemic world?

Let’s face it, even with the eventual return of what we hope to be a new “normal” a lot of businesses and employees have adjusted quite well to working at home and many will not be returning to the office again; that said, many other employees will be returning to an office, plant, warehouse, store and restaurant where remote working is not an option.  The stressors that push active shooters to act haven’t gone away and 2021 will likely bring even more to frustrate and enrage those that feel that violence is their only solution. As workplaces open up to allow workers and the public to return so will the potential for violence.

  • During 2020, many people have become accustomed to solitude, their own space, social distancing, etc…returning to a place of work where social interaction is mandatory and often with no privacy will be a stressful experience for many.

  • Social media and political extremism have led to more “othering” then ever seen in recent times.  Social media(or more accurately described “anti-social” media) has really done an incredible job of dividing people into tribes to fester anger, contempt and fear into them.  Social media has given a platform for those who want to play the victim and take zero accountability for their actions which inflict harm on others or in other words, they are easily offended but offend easily.

  • Tribal polarization, disrespect and conspiracy theories have increased into the mainstream fueling anger by those who are already feeling victimized.

  • As we leave 2020 behind us and head into the future we need to remember to be situationally aware of what is going on around us.

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